Meet the Redwoods


Once upon a walk through the redwood forest in Santa Cruz, Lauren and I had started the process of crystallizing our shared goals. We agreed on three things:

We were both finding increasing success in the work we were doing at our respective 9 to 5’s and were ready to break out on our own.

We no longer wanted to separate our professional goals from contributing to the causes we care about.

We wanted to signal boost the incredible work of those seeking to do the same.

With a mutual admiration for the humility and perspective of feeling small next to a forest of towering redwoods, we were inspired to build Redwood Marketing, an ethos-driven marketing firm powered by equal parts empathy and dynamic expertise in the digital marketing space.

Our work is rooted in friendship, a deep mutual respect, and boundless inspiration to empower those who seek to make the world a kinder, greener, and more equitable place.


Lauren Chouinard

A passionate and experienced full-suite digital marketing boss, Lauren has specifically worked with purpose-driven and green businesses during her near decade-long professional career. She’s earned her clients millions in revenue, doubled their social media followings, and advanced business goals through a rare combination of empathic instincts and razor sharp business savvy.


Lisa Carmack

A freelance journalist with a background in business development and policy, Lisa funnels her passion for helping others into curating digital identities through incisive copy and brand strategy. She’s interviewed world leaders and local authors with equal fervor and travels the world to gain perspectives and connect with readers. Her foray into digital marketing started as an experiment, but has grown into a full-fledged passion. Lisa can’t wait to tell your story.