Marketing with a Mission


Who We Are

We're a small team of smart, savvy, and sustainable digital marketing professionals who care about doing good work both inside and outside the office.

We are built on the power of community and the idea that all people are connected through emotion, compassion, and the wish to belong to something greater.

We're not just doing things for the likes - we're here to make an impact, to move the world forward, to be the change we wish to see in the world.

We surround ourselves with game-changers, Earth-shakers, and movement makers.

We believe in giving back - that means using our days off to go out and enjoy the fresh air, plant a few trees, and volunteer our time protecting Mother Earth.

We're Redwoods. Strong, tall, resilient, and always moving upward.

Our Promise To You

We provide top notch digital marketing services to brands who want to make the world a greener, blissful, and more adventurous place. 

We will grow and scale your business, build up your loyal community, approach any problem with a creative solution, and help you be at least three steps ahead.

We will treat you as more than just a client - you'll be a part of the Redwood family, and we are committed to growing your roots as much as we grow our own.


Let's build your future today!