What We Offer

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Social Media Management

New social media innovations are emerging all the time, making it difficult for busy professionals to keep up with the latest buzz — from updates to Facebook and Twitter, to platforms like Snapchat and Instagram. Mod Girl’s social media consultants have undergone extensive training in visual marketing and worked with all the popular technology from inception to offer you a shortcut to adopt and make the most of all the social media tools relevant to your brand. Our consultants work with your team to develop an unforgettable web presence across channels.

Content Marketing

It’s easy to churn out marketing emails, blogs, and lead magnets but much more difficult to align your content strategy with your sales and marketing goals. Mod Girl’s content marketing consultants offer expertise in bringing together cohesive, measurable content campaigns that span email correspondence, blogs, press release wires, social media, webpages, paid advertising and ebook downloads to grow and nurture your number of qualified leads. We’ll teach you how to track relevant content marketing analytics and tweak your content based on the results.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a very important piece of your marketing strategy, but it’s also time consuming and full of pitfalls if you try to go at it alone, as the industry is ever-changing. Mod Girl’s SEO consultants have extensive experience in adapting to Google algorithm updates and optimizing well-rounded marketing campaigns for better performance, our consultants share their expertise to help you cut through the clutter to find the strategies and tools that work to meet your short and long-term goals. Get holistic advice from content to technical aspects of SEO.